Corporate WellBeing

Do your staff need a "pick me up"?
Are you wanting to become more burnout/ self-care/ mental health conscious?
Corporate workshops are a wonderful way to bring the team together, learn about important topics and boost team morale.

The Why

Why is Team building & Mental Health Literacy important?

Team building and mental health literacy is important in businesses for several key reasons:Improved Communication: Team-building activities foster better communication among team members, which can lead to more efficient and effective collaboration on projects and tasks.Enhanced Collaboration and Cooperation: These activities help break down barriers and encourage employees to work together more effectively. This leads to a more cohesive work environment where team members feel comfortable sharing ideas and supporting each other.Increased Trust: Trust is a critical component of any successful team. Team-building exercises and learning together can help build trust among team members by creating opportunities for them to get to know each other better and see each other's strengths and weaknesses.Boosted Morale and Engagement: Participating in team-building activities can be fun and engaging, leading to higher morale and job satisfaction. When employees feel connected to their team and enjoy their work environment, they are more likely to be productive and stay with the company longer.Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills: Many team-building activities involve problem-solving tasks that require team members to work together to find solutions.Innovation and Creativity: By encouraging employees to work together and think outside the box, team-building can spark creativity and innovation. Diverse perspectives and collaborative efforts often lead to new and improved ideas and solutions.Conflict Resolution: Team-building activities can help identify and resolve conflicts within a team.Identification of Leadership Qualities: Through team-building exercises, businesses can identify potential leaders within the team. These activities often highlight individuals' strengths, such as leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills.Cultural Integration: For organisations with diverse workforces, team-building activities can promote cultural understanding and inclusivity. This helps create a more harmonious and integrated work environment.Mental health literacy: Understanding mental health topics can help leaders and the team support one another in a compassionate way.

The what

Topics & Programs

I have worked with businesses in hair and beauty, mental health, consulting, building and construction, law, and accounting (just to name a few!).I have spoken on topics (not limited to):
- mental well-being
- nervous system education and regulation
- self-care and burnout
- yoga and mindfulness
- anxiety education and tools
During our initial phone call, we will discuss what you and your team would like to learn about, and I can tailor a program just for you.My workshops are interactive, informative, engaging and most importantly.. fun!

The how


I will give you a tailored package after our initial conversation.Packages can include workbooks, snacks, the choice is yours!

I am excited to speak with you soon